Alive 2016

This year, RBYA Alive is focusing on the theme of FREEDOM Breaking chains in Jesus name

We are so excited for this year’s Missions Conferences, which will be held in Phoenix, Portland, and Chicago! We will be incorporating RBYA’s theme verses in John 8:31-32 into this year’s Missions Conferences, which will be entitled “Freedom- Breaking Chains in Jesus’ Name!”

Each of the conferences will be structured the same way so that we have continuity in the message we are sharing with the youth this year- the only things which will be different are the speakers and the local ministries which the youth will be involved in during Missions Conference.

At each of the conferences, we will be having three workshops during Saturday morning which we developed so that we can continue to grow our youth’s understanding of and passion for spreading the great and glorious gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The first workshop will be focused on equipping our youth to labor in their local communities by training them in developing two-minute testimonies, the second workshop will be focused on preparing the youth to engage the nations long-term by helping them reach specific groups of people who are often ignored (looking specifically at the deaf population and the refugee crisis), and the third workshop will be training the youth to intercede, specific targeting human trafficking. After each of these workshops, the youth will have the opportunity to go out into their local communities and serve alongside with local ministries in their respective cities.

Finally, the day will culminate with a time where the youth will have the chance to learn about some common chains which hold people back from responding fully to the gospel, followed by the evening service. We are very excited for what the Lord will do, and we are eager to continue serving Him to make the name of Christ known to all nations!

The speaker at the Southwest Missions Conference, which will be held from February 13-14 in Phoenix, will be Bishop Moody, a pastor of a local church in the Phoenix area who is very involved in evangelism and service in the local community who came to us by recommendation from the pastor of our host church, Mihai Sirb.

PHX Missions conf 2016

The speaker at the East Coast Missions Conference, which will be held from March 12-13 in Chicago, will be Val Monafu, a past president of RBYA who you are all very familiar with.


The speaker at the Pacific Northwest Missions Conference, which will be held from April 16-17 in Portland, is Alin Vrancila who serves that local youth.


Please spread the word to your youth groups about Missions Conferences this year and encourage them to participate!

Also please pray for the Lord to work in a powerful way at these Conferences and for many youth to have a deeper understanding of what it means to make disciples of all nations.